Digital Forensic Tools for Examiners and Investigators


Find artifacts and files FAST


Automated and easy to use


Highly scalable, terabytes of data


Accurately look for relevant files

Digital Evidence Investigator

End-to-End Digital Investigation Tool
Digital Evidence Investigator (DEI) is a new digital investigation tool built from the ground up that leverages ADF’s proven track record of reducing forensic backlogs. Now you can conduct digital investigations easier, faster and smarter.

Quickly identify incriminating files and artifacts

Easily associate files to suspect

Create comprehensive court ready reports

Digital Investigation Workflow


Quickly identify and collect files and artifacts


Data analysis to correlate
people, events and files


Easily and quickly generate court ready reports

Next Generation Digital Triage and Media Exploitation Tools


The Ultimate Media Exploitation Tool
Triage-G2 is the latest evolution of ADF’s award winning media exploitation tool which is deployed by special forces, military and intelligence agencies worldwide.


The Ultimate Tool for Rapid Triage and Immediate Results
Triage-Investigator is the latest evolution of ADF's award-winning triage tool designed for field deployment. The tool has a proven track record of providing easy and quick access to court defendable evidence to process cases; and leveraging investigators to assist forensic labs with triaging and managing digital backlogs.

$998/ 1 year
  • Immediately identifies and analyzes prosecutorial evidence
  • Support forensic labs by empowering investigators to performing automated collection and triage on computers and media devices
  • Powerful booting capabilities (UEFI, Secure UEFI, Mac) provides option to scan difficult to access drives
  • Rapid processing of large amounts of data (both target data as well as matching of millions of hash sets)
  • Automated and easy-to-use imaging capabilities
  • Automatically produce comprehensive, customizable and ready for court reports.
Digital Evidence Investigator

$1,548/ 1 year
  • Rapidly search hash set containing millions of MD5 or Sha1
  • Identify and link to the source of relevant files
  • Comprehensive data and timestamp analysis
  • Image drives that cannot be easily removed from computer
  • Video frames or playback to preview content
  • Find all relevant files and artifacts
  • Analyze pre-acquired mobile device logical images
  • In-depth scanning including unallocated drive space
  • Unique timeline that combines files, actions and people in a single view
  • Portable standalone viewer to easily share results with others

$$4,548/ 3 years
  • Fully automated, easy-to-use tool that requires minimal training (0.5 – 1 day)
  • USB boot capability provides option to exploit computers directly and prior to imaging drives
  • Easy-to-use and automated imaging capabilities
  • Exploit external digital media devices (including drive images)
  • Stealth mode for covert operations (live scans)
  • 3-Year Subscription with Triage Kit